Appropriate Referrals for the Miriam’s Villa program

  • Those who have been victims of coercion and emotional / psychological abuse such as those who have been in the following situations: cults; abusive churches; other abusive, manipulative/deceptive groups or relationships; and abusive situations from therapists, clergy, teachers or work environments.
  • Those who have left the group or relationship and desire treatment. Potential clients must be capable of participating in a psycho-educational program on an outpatient basis.
  • Adolescents who are accompanied by a legally responsible adult and is available for the adolescent’s time when they are not in treatment sessions or workshops.


Inappropriate for the Miriam’s Villa program

  • Those who are a danger to themselves or others and cannot contract to maintain adequate self-care or who are otherwise unable to participate in an outpatient treatment program. Clients must be able to get themselves back and forth from hotels to the treatment center and take care of meals on their own.
  • Persons in the acute stages of co-morbid conditions such as substance-abuse, psychosis, eating disorders or medical illnesses.


If you are a professional who has a client you believe would benefit from the Miriam’s Villa program, please contact us at 334-328-3577.