794476_82935211resize Quality Treatment

  • Professional counseling staff have earned doctoral degrees in their profession
  • Professional counseling staff have earned the highest level of state licensure
  • Professional counseling staff have more than 20 years of experience in the field and are acknowledged as experts in the areas of psychological, emotional, spiritual and cult abuse, most have been in destructive cults or relationships themselves and share a special empathy with clients
  • Workshop leaders have advanced degrees and are acknowledged as being experts in the field with more than 20 years of experience, many of our workshop leaders have been in destructive relationships or cults themselves and understand the dynamics involved on a first-hand basis.
  • Miriam’s Villa offers the highest quality, evidence-based treatment available

Affordable Treatment

  • The cost of our treatment program is VERY low compared to similar programs in residential facilities as our overhead is low, our program is very competitive compared to outpatient programs in other specialty areas such as alcohol or drug abuse outpatient programs
  • The CLIENT controls the amount of money that is spent on lodging and food, unlike programs that offer lodging and food on-site and lump the costs into their treatment program; there are a wide variety of hotels (some with full kitchens in the rooms to keep food costs at a minimum, some offer both breakfast and dinner included) and restaurants that meets most every budget within a 5 minute drive/ride of our facility.