Our outpatient program is different from that of regular private practice settings where over a period of time (several weeks or months) one would receive counseling services. Clients come from all parts of the United States and other countries to participate in our program that is on average, a two-week intensive program. In some situations we may offer a one-week program or 3 week program. We tailor our program to meet our clients needs. Our clientele stay in local hotels that are located approximately 1 mile from our offices, and either take a shuttle, drive their own vehicle, or take a rental car to our offices. We offer guidance in making transportation and hotel arrangements if needed.file4111294493612resize

As an intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP), we offer 20 hours of counseling for our two-week program. The individual counseling sessions assist clients in putting their experiences into perspective, and assist in working through the pain and confusion of their experience. Clients also attend workshops during the weekdays. These workshops are led by our specially trained staff and by cult experts. These workshops are designed to help clients better understand their experiences. Therefore they assist the client to accurately process the trauma they have undergone. Examples of workshops include The Dynamics of Thought Reform, Assertiveness and Appropriate Boundaries, Writing Our Stories, Creative Expressions (art workshop) Coping with Trauma and others. Some clients may desire information about how to choose a healthy organization. Some may want information about how they were manipulated with Biblical scriptures if they are seeking help from an abusive church, and they may desire information on how to study the Bible on their own. Again, we tailor our workshops based on the client’s needs and interests and therefore we offer a broad range of topics in our workshops.

Testing at the beginning of the treatment program as well as at the end of the program attests to the positive results that clients’ experience. Our program is based on an evidence-based program that has been utilized in other successful programs in the past. Behind those positive results are real people who have received help and hope as evidenced by these statements from former clients of our program:

  • “You gave me the kind of help that only someone who has been there could deliver…thank you for your kindness and understanding.
  • “I came feeling as though I was stuck in time, like I couldn’t stop engaging in things that (the leader) said I should be doing even though I wasn’t even around him anymore! Thank you for helping me understand my thoughts and behaviors and lay out some immediate options for the future!
  • “I’ve been to at least 4 different therapists and nobody seemed to understand what I was going through. Thank God for you guys.”
  • “I really like how the staff treated me with respect, caring and kindness. They fully respected my personal beliefs. In fact, they encouraged me to question and to further develop what I think and believe.”
  • Thanks for going “above and beyond” in assisting my fiancé in getting his life back, and our lives back as a couple.”

The program can be supplemented by the utilization of the Miriam’s Villa extensive library of books and videos. Miriam’s Villa staff are quite knowledgeable about the dynamics of coercion and psychological abuse and are available to answer your questions with care and compassion.