834705_83039714(1)resizeFamily Support Services

It can be a frightening experience to see a loved one become entangled in an abusive relationship. Family members often find themselves feeling as though their loved one has become a stranger in their own family as the group or relationship seems to separate them from the family. Family members often say that they do not know how to communicate with their loved one anymore as a result of the abusive relationship or group. While Miriam’s Villa does not engage or provide interventions for your loved one who is currently entangled in the group or relationship, we can offer support to help you communicate and plan the process.

Our team of experts can help you determine if the group or relationship your loved one is in has the characteristics of abusiveness and if their actions seem to be or could become harmful. We can help in providing suggestions for the best course of action. We can provide support in helping the family cope with the alarming stress of having a family member in a cult or other abusive situation.

Our Family Support Services are offered via telephone or on site at our offices of Miriam’s Villa in Montgomery, Alabama. Family members are asked to complete a questionnaire before the consultation takes place so that our staff can be as fully informed as possible.

Contact us at 334-328-3577 and request a Family Support Services packet. We will send one to you in the mail. The questionnaire can then be mailed or faxed to our office along with payment. After we receive your materials, an appointment will be arranged by phone. Because this process involves highly sensitive information, we do not use the internet for any of the information processing steps, including setting up the appointment.

How to Begin the Family Support Services Process:

  1. Contact Miriam’s Villa for a Family Support Services Packet
  2. Complete the Questionnaire and Registration Form that you receive in the mail
  3. Mail or Fax the Questionnaire and Registration Form to Miriam’s Villa
  4. Miriam’s Villa staff will call to schedule the appointment